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Tips, tricks, and techniques. Here I share knowledge that has taken me decades to accumulate.

I’m often asked by potential clients, “What do you shoot?” My favorite response is ‘People, Places, and Things.’ As a portrait photographer, I specialize in fashion, glamour, headshots, events like weddings and graduations, kids, family, fitness, commercial, and more. The list goes on! While scrolling through my work, please pay close attention to how I gently lay the lighting on my subjects as to soften imperfections and draw the viewer into the windows of the soul.

My next favorite subject to photograph has to be “places”. I love beautiful landscapes and agricultural designs. Real estate and aerial video and photography go hand and hand here allowing me to help my clients see their imagination in a whole new perspective. Here I want you to notice the diverse colors and textures, follow horizons and leading lines that take you to a point of interest.

Next is “things” because what is a world without things? This portion of my portfolio encompasses product, vehicle, real estate, and street photography. I look to capture the beauty of man-made creations in a way that entices the viewer to own one for his or her self. What you may notice here is how the light and shadow compliments beautiful lines and curves of geometry allowing the object to pop out of the page.


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